ACEITUNAS Y UVAS - manzanilla olives, roasted garlic, grapes $7

 NEW MEXICO PISTACHIOS  - dusted with smoked paprika and fennel seed $7

 JAMON IBERICO - specialty cured Spanish ham from olive and acorn fed black pigs $26

 JAMON SERRANO - Mountain cured Spanish ham $14

 MANCHEGO - La Mancha sheep’s milk cheese with membrillo $14

 CANA DE CABRA - semi soft Spanish goat cheese with poached pear syrup $15

 BOQUERONES - cured Spanish white anchovies, olive oil, lemon zest $11

 TAPA DE LA CASA - manchego, pico-limon olives, spiced pistachios $14



WATERMELON SALAD - arugula, tomatoes, feta, kalamata olives and mint parsley vinaigrette $15

ROMERO FARMS KALE SALAD -  local kale in preserved lemon vinaigrette, radish, walnuts, crispy garbanzos, gigante beans, & reggianitto $14

PERUVIAN NOODLE BOWL - beef bone and aji amarillo broth with shrimp, pork chicharrones, poached egg, jalapeno, rice vermillion $16

 MEJILLONS - black mussels in salsa verde , parsley, garlic, spinach, lime, jalapenos $14

 CANTIMPALITOS - grilled Spanish chorizos w/ mustard aioli & house escabeche $14

 FRIED NORTHWEST COAST OYSTERS – pimentón aioli and gazpacho salsa $12

 BERENJENA - grilled eggplant, melted manchego, saffron honey and capers $12

 CANTIMPALITOS - grilled Spanish chorizos w/ mustard aioli & house escabeche $14




CHICHARRONES DE ANDALUZ - fried pork belly, cumin, sea salt, lemon and harissa $12

CARROT GARBANZO HUMMUS – served with black sesame crackers $12

ALCACHOFAS – grilled artichokes, Spanish goat cheese, orange zest & mint $15

BRUSCHETTA - toasted bread cooked in mushroom and cream, fried egg, truffle oil $14

GAMBAS AL AJILLO - garlic, white wine, olive oil, Chile de arbol $15

HUEVOS CON JAMON - fried egg with toasted bread crumbs and jamon serrano $8

TACOS DE LA BOCA - crispy shrimp, morcilla, corn tortillas, pimenton agridulce $12

PATATAS BRAVAS - Romero Farms fingerling potatoes, garlic aioli, sherry vinegar $9

NEW MEXICO FLATIRON STEAK - choice of smoked sea salt caramel or Cabrales butter $15

PAELLA - Saffron rice with shrimp, chicken, Spanish chorizo and mussels $25/$49


CUBANO ESPECIAL - citrus marinated pork, Jamon Serrano, black bean spread, melted cheddar, blood orange pickled onions and Dijon aioli ~13

LA BOCA BURGER -  ½ lb Local Grass Fed Beef with Melted Manchego Cheese, Jamon Serrano, and Fried Biodynamic Egg on Brioche Bun - 17

NEW MEXICO GREEN CHILE CHEESE BURGER – ½ lb Local, Grass Fed Beef, with Melted White Cheddar and Green Chile on a Brioche Bun  $15

Sandwiches served with your choice - side salad, Israeli Couscous, or red cabbage slaw