Opened in 2006 by 8 time James Beard Award Nominee, Chef James Campbell Caruso.
La Boca has the feel of a lively European wine bar, featuring an extensive selection of carefully chosen Mediterranean and South American wines. Chef Caruso's Modern Spanish Cuisine is inspired by the exuberance of Spanish cooking combined with fresh, local ingredients. La Boca has been  called "the most influential restaurant in Santa Fe" by the Pasatiempo Magazine and the New York Times describes the menu as " modern re-inventions of classic Spanish cuisine" Knowledgeable and animated staff graciously guide customers to the perfect wine to complement their meals. La Boca also prides itself on being an ambassador of Spanish sherry culture, transporting its guests to Cadiz in the crisp cool flavors of Fino, or the deep fig-essence of a Pedro Ximenez.


"Food matters, hospitality matters, the social aspects of dining out and sharing food and drink are an important part of how we interact with each other as a community. we are engaged daily in making decisions about the ingredients, preparation, freshness of meals for other people. That is a very intimate relationship that we take very seriously. We also genuinely want our guests to enjoy their time with us and with each other, so everything we do, every decision we make before our guests arrive is inextricably fused with that goal. “